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Adam Martinez has over 2 decades of experience leading broadcast creative services and marketing innovative ideas that bring creative storytelling to national, regional, and local broadcast news, weather, finance, sports, election, and social channels. I have 15+ years helping broadcasters solve complex solutions for broadcast graphics, streamlining workflows, driving new business, and merging the gap between software & creative teams. I have a distinguished strategy in project management, broadcast graphics integration, graphic design, templates, smart business logic, interactive, augmented reality, video walls, tickers, training, installs, delivery, and support. I believe that by inspiring each other, clients, and their audiences we can also inspire ourselves to produce maximum creative results.

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"Adam took the time to understand our needs, changed and customized onsite training. He spent time sharing his experiences and helping us to implement best practices, logistics and structure to start a project and how to develop it to the needs on the upcoming future."

Ricardo Ruano
- Graphics Manager

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