Al Jazeera America U.S. Primary Elections | 2016 

Al Jazeera 2016 U.S. Primary Elections

Broadcast Graphics Integration

Client: Al Jazeera America
Company: Astucemedia
Design: Al Jazeera America
Integration: VizArtist | VizEngine | VizPilot | VizTemplateWizard | Astucemedia Data Platform – Elections Module

Contracted by Astucemedia, we worked with the entire creative and operations staff to ensure successful U.S. Primary Elections and real-time election results from AP. Using Astucemedia’s DataPlatform integrated with Vizrt template logics we delivered a complex full set of transition logic fullscreens and wall elements to bring live election data for Al Jazeera America anchors and viewers.
Custom transition logic and plugins were required to complete a highly complex 3D block transition effects between the 100+ various fullscreen options. Simple but yet complex Vizrt Templates allowed producers to create an unlimited number of variations and data with and without superdelegates.