Time Warner Cable News | 2002-2005 

Time Warner Cable News

Broadcast Graphics Integration

Client: Local News Channels
Company: Time Warner Cable
Graphics: Time Warner Cable
Integration: XPlay | XStudio | XPanel | XPlorer | XNews | XG | Deko3000 | Dekocast | ENPS
Technical: VB Script | SQL | XML | HTML | FLASH

NY1 was the first TWC local-news channel, and TWC has since added twenty-four-hour local news networks in several other markets modeled after NY1, including:

  • R News, Rochester, New York (1990)
  • Bay News 9, Tampa, Florida (1997)
  • Central Florida News 13, Orlando, Florida (1997)
  • YNN Austin, Austin, Texas (1999, as “News 8 Austin”)
  • Capital News 9, Albany, New York (2002)
  • News 10 Now, Syracuse, New York (2003)
  • News 14 Carolina, serving several markets in North Carolina (2006)
  • YNN Buffalo, Buffalo, New York (2009)

Two other channels, News 24 Houston and News 9 San Antonio, both joint ventures between TWC and Belo, were closed within the first two years of operation.

News 9 San Antonio was a defunct 24-hour cable news featuring a rolling news format, serving the San Antonio, Texas region.

News 24 Houston is a defunct 24-hour cable news television channel featuring a rolling news format, serving the Greater Houston and Galveston areas.

YNN Austin is a 24-hour local cable news television channel based in Austin, Texas, owned by Time Warner Cable, which includes Austin, San Marcos, Round Rock, Temple, Killeen and Waco.

Capital News 9 came out of a period of heavy cable news channel planning by Time Warner Cable. Within a two-year period, the company launched channels in Central New York (News 10 Now), Houston and San Antonio (now-defunct stations News 24 Houston and News 9 San Antonio). Two channels were also launched in North Carolina, one based in Raleigh and another in Charlotte (both referred to as News 14 Carolina. Of the launches, only YNN Central New York and a merged-together News 14 Carolina remain, the byproduct of financial losses and a dispute with the Belo Corporation which was a partner in the Texas and Charlotte outlets.

News 8 changed its name to YNN (Your News Now) on January 10, 2011[2], matching the name of Time Warner’s other cable news channels and following a gradual transition over the last several months. In 2005, some of the station’s operations were merged with News 10 Now, a sister station in Syracuse, New York, and Capital News 9, a sister station in Albany, New York. Like its sister stations in Albany and Buffalo, it airs on channel 9.

As the Graphic Applications Director for Time Warner Cable Local News Group, we took the lead on the development and integration of the “Super Ticker” for all Timer Warner Cable Local News channels during 2004.

“The main goal of the ticker was to develop a generic set of tickers in which each station can customize to their specific needs”. Working closely with VertigoXMedia out of Montreal Canada, the complete database and front end applications were developed and customized to maximize every possible playout scenerio.

The complete integrated system had to be fully automated for the newsroom. Data integration from weather, sports, local communities, and a priority system was designed to maximize the automation features. A fully designed custom interface was developed to accommodate sponsor management, manual entry, image, animations, and specific ticker playout wheels based on regional content.